Introduction to the Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health programme

This new programme trains infectious disease researchers to tackle problems in an integrated way.

Students will be strongly encouraged to combine research in a UK and developing country setting, or take interdisciplinary approaches that combine epidemiological, molecular and evolutionary mechanisms.  Students will address global health challenges by understanding how infectious agents are spread, cause disease, interact with the immune and other body systems, or evolve to overcome our therapeutic interventions.

The new programme is led by Professors Mark Woolhouse and Keith Matthews, in the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution

The programme has an intake of six students per year, and is fully-funded for UK/EU applicants.  Please note that this is a basic science progrmame and applicants who are carrying out medical or veterinary training are not eligible to apply. 

In addition, the University of Edinburgh has made available an overseas fees scholarship for one student from a disease endemic/developing country each year.  All students will receive a generous starting stipend of £19,919 per annum, and travel and research funds for all four years of the Programme.

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