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Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members by institution 

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Centre for Inflammation Research  
Anne Astier Immunology of multiple sclerosis a.astier@ed.ac.uk
Stephen  Anderton Autoimmunity & immune regulation Steve.Anderton@ed.ac.uk
Cecile Benezech Immune cells and the control of metabolism in adipose tissue cbenezec@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Donald Davidson Host defence peptides in infection/inflammation Donald.Davidson@ed.ac.uk
Kev Dhaliwal Tuberculosis and pulmonary infection kdhaliwa@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Ian Dransfield Regulation of leukocyte function i.dransfield@ed.ac.uk
Mohini Gray Resolution of inflammation mohini.gray@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Howie Immune reponse to genital HPV infection semh@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Steve Jenkins

Inflammation and macrophage diversity

Henry McSorley Immune system suppression by parasitic worms henry.mcsorley@ed.ac.uk
Adriano Rossi In vitro and in vivo inflammation resolution mechanisms a.g.rossi@ed.ac.uk
Jürgen Schwarze Immunology of respiratory viral infections Jurgen.Schwarze@ed.ac.uk
Moira Whyte Innate immune cell apoptosis in chronic inflammatory lung disease moira.whyte@ed.ac.uk
Centre for Neuroregeneration         
Anura Rambukkana Bacterial-induced host cell reprogramming a.rambuka@ed.ac.uk
Centre for Population Health Sciences
Christine Campbell Primary care in cancer, including HPV and cervical cancer screening christine.campbell@ed.ac.uk
Harry Campbell Genetic epidemiology and child health Harry.Campbell@ed.ac.uk
Harish Nair Childhood pneumonia and viral respiratory infections harish.nair@ed.ac.uk
Centre for Regenerative Medicine    
Clare Blackburn Developmental immunology and Leishmania C.Blackburn@ed.ac.uk
Centre for Reproductive Health    
Heather Cubie Papillomavirology & molecular diagnostics Heather.Cubie@ed.ac.uk
Nicola Gray Translational control by viruses Nicola.Gray@ed.ac.uk
Andrew Horne Chlamydial infection in ectopic pregnancy Andrew.horne@ed.ac.uk
Alistair Williams HPV-related lower genital tract cancers a.williams@ed.ac.uk
Chalmers Sexual Health Centre    
Imali Fernando Sexually transmitted infections and HIV in pregnancy imali.fernando@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Division of Pathway Medicine  
Till Bachmann Pathogen detection technologies till.bachmann@ed.ac.uk
Peter Ghazal Viral and immune genomics P.Ghazal@ed.ac.uk
Sam Griffiths Virus-host interactions that control innate immunity samantha.griffiths@ed.ac.uk
Jürgen Haas Herpes viruses, systems virology Juergen.Haas@ed.ac.uk
Ingo Johannessen Epstein-Barr virus & B-cells I.Johannessen@ed.ac.uk
Kim Picozzi Molecular diagnosis of trypanosomiasis Kim.Picozzi@ed.ac.uk
Douglas Roy Infectious Diseases Honours course organiser douglas.roy@ed.ac.uk
Tammie Schneiders Mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance Thamarai.Schneiders@ed.ac.uk
Simon Talbot Pathogenesis and therapy of virus infections S.Talbot@ed.ac.uk
David Taylor Helminth vaccine development David.W.Taylor@ed.ac.uk
Sue Welburn Molecular epidemiology of trypanosomiasis Sue.Welburn@ed.ac.uk
Edinburgh Business School    
Kenneth Amaeshi Engagement of sustainable business with global health agenda kenneth.amaeshi@ed.ac.uk
Edinburgh Napier University    
Peter Barlow Host defence peptides in viral respiratory infection p.barlow@napier.ac.uk
Douglas Fraser-Pitt Host-pathogen interactions and novel therapeutic
Infectious Diseases, Western General Hospital  
Oliver Koch Clinical management of infection; tropical & travel medicine oliver.koch@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Clifford Leen Clinical presentation and therapy of HIV and HCV clifford.leen@ed.ac.uk
Rebecca Sutherland Clinical managment of infection and antimicrobial stewardship rebecca.sutherland@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Institute of Biological Chemistry, Biophysics and Bioengineering, Heriot Watt University    
Helen Bridle Detection of waterborne pathogens h.l.bridle@hw.ac.uk
Susan Dewar Pathogenicity determinants of Arcobacter species s.j.dewar@hw.ac.uk
Institute of Cell Biology    
Meriem El Karoui

Role of DNA maintenance process on bacterial growth and evolution

Andrew Free Microbial communities and their applications in biotechnology and medicine andrew.free@ed.ac.uk
Maurice Gallagher Bacterial pathogens and microbial technology MP.Gallagher@ed.ac.uk
Teuta Pilizota Effects of osmotic changes on bacterial growth and survival teuta.pilizota@ed.ac.uk
Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine    
Julia Dorin Innate immunity and role of host defence peptides julia.dorin@igmm.ed.ac.uk
Institute of Evolutionary Biology  
Mark Blaxter Pathogen genomics Mark.Blaxter@ed.ac.uk
Nick Colegrave Experimental evolution of microbes n.colegrave@ed.ac.uk
Sinead Collins Experimental evolution of microbes s.collins@ed.ac.uk
Emma Cunningham Maternal effects in host-pathogen interactions e.cunningham@ed.ac.uk
Andrew Leigh-Brown Molecular evolution of HIV A.Leigh-Brown@ed.ac.uk
Tom Little Evolutionary biology of host-parasite interactions Tom.Little@ed.ac.uk
Dan Nussey Immune variation in wild populations dan.nussey@ed.ac.uk
Darren Obbard Drosophila viruses and antiviral defences darren.obbard@ed.ac.uk
Amy Pedersen Ecology of multiple infection in wild animals Amy.Pedersen@ed.ac.uk
Josephine Pemberton Evolution of parasite resistance j.pemberton@ed.ac.uk
Andrew Rambaut Molecular evolution of RNA viruses a.rambaut@ed.ac.uk
Sarah Reece Evolution of parastite transmission strategies Sarah.Reece@ed.ac.uk
Paul Sharp Evolution of viruses, bacteria and Plasmodium paul.sharp@ed.ac.uk
Pedro Vale Individual-level variation in host defence systems pferrei2@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Mark Woolhouse Veterinary & human epidemiology Mark.Woolhouse@ed.ac.uk
Institute of Immunology and Infection Research  
David Arnot Malaria, epidemiology & immune responses D.E.Arnot@ed.ac.uk
Amy Buck Small RNAs in viral infection & host response A.Buck@ed.ac.uk
David Cavanagh Malaria immunobiology and vaccines david.cavanagh@ed.ac.uk
David Gray Fundamental immunology D.Gray@ed.ac.uk
Paul Hunt Genetics of drug resistance in malaria Paul.Hunt@ed.ac.uk
Keith Matthews Trypanosome biology & development Keith.Matthews@ed.ac.uk
Francisca Mutapi Immune responses in schistosomiasis F.Mutapi@ed.ac.uk
Alexandre Potocnik Compartmentalisation of hematopoietic cells by adhesion molecules and chemokines Alexandre.Potocnik@ed.ac.uk
Alex Rowe Genetics & pathogenesis of malaria Alex.Rowe@ed.ac.uk
Nick Savill Mathematical epidemiology Nick.Savill@ed.ac.uk
Achim Schaufer Molecular biology of trypanosomes achim.schnaufer@ed.ac.uk
Philip Spence Plasmodium virulence and immunity to malaria philip.spence@ed.ac.uk
Matthew Taylor Immunity, regulation & helminths Matthew.Taylor@ed.ac.uk
Joanne Thompson Malaria molecular biology Joanne.Thompson@ed.ac.uk
José Vazquez-Boland Bacterial intracellular pathogens v.boland@ed.ac.uk
Dietmar Zaiss Role of EGF in regulation of the immune system dietmar.zaiss@ed.ac.uk
Rose Zamoyska T cell development & regulation rose.zamoyska@ed.ac.uk
Institute of Molecular Plant Sciences  
Gary Loake Plant innate immunity g.loake@ed.ac.uk
Karl Oparka Plant viruses Karl.Oparka@ed.ac.uk
Steven Spoel Molecular plant immunity steven.spoel@ed.ac.uk
Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology  
Garry Blakely Anaerobic bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract Garry.Blakely@ed.ac.uk
Bettina Boettcher Viral capsid processing & structure bettina.boettcher@ed.ac.uk
Janice Bramham Structural biology and complement Janice.Bramham@ed.ac.uk
Linda Gilmore Drug discovery against trypanosomatid parasites linda.gilmore@ed.ac.uk
Paul Michels Metabolism of trypanosomatid parasites and drug discovery paul.michels@ed.ac.uk
Malcolm Walkinshaw Structural biology & drug design Malcolm.Walkinshaw@ed.ac.uk
Moredun Institute    
Keith Ballingall Immunogenetics, MHC function and diversity in livestock keith.ballingall@moredun.ac.uk
Chris Cousens Viral pathogenesis and respiratory infection chris.cousens@moredun.ac.uk
Gary Entrican Infectious diseases of ruminants gary.entrican@moredun.ac.uk
David Griffiths Pathogenesis of respiratory viruses of livestock david.griffiths@moredun.ac.uk
Lee Innes Protozoal parasites and animal health lee.innes@moredun.ac.uk
David Knox Immunity and vaccines to nematode parasites dave.knox@moredun.ac.uk
Jacqui Matthews Nematodes of horses & ruminants jacqui.matthews@moredun.ac.uk
Tom McNeilly Ruminant helminth and bacterial infections tom.mcneilly@moredun.ac.uk
Alasdair Nisbet Vaccines against nematode parasites alasdair.nisbet@moredun.ac.uk
Kim Willoughby Cattle respiratory disease and emerging diseases of livestock kwilloughby@moredun-scientific
Ruth Zadoks Livestock infectious disease epidemiology ruth.zadoks@ed.ac.uk
James Ironside Pathology of prion diseases James.Ironside@ed.ac.uk
Bob Will Creutzfeld-Jakob and other prion diseases R.G.Will@ed.ac.uk
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Little France  
Lesley Allison Scottish E. coli O157/VTEC Reference lab lesley.allison@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Dr Kate Cuscheiri Director Scottish HPV reference lab kate.cusheiri@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Adam Hill Respiratory infections in humans, esp. bronchiectasis adam.hill318@nhs.net
Donald Inverarity Invasive pneumococcal diseases Donald.Inverarity@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Olga Moncayo Dynamics of bacterial colonisation in humans omoncayo@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Ian Poxton Clostridia, Bacteroides & equine grass sickness Ian.Poxton@ed.ac.uk
Sandeep Ramalingam Clinical viral hepatitis and diagnosis of viral infections sandeep.ramalingam@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
John Stewart Innate immunity & novel antimicrobial agents John.Stewart@ed.ac.uk
Kate Templeton Respiratory pathogens and their diagnosis Kate.Templeton@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Ian Laurenson Mycobacterial infections & solid organ transplant patients with infection Ian.Laurenson@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Sciences  
Jeremy Bradshaw Molecular biophysics jeremy.bradshaw@ed.ac.uk
Pamela Knight Mucosal immunity pam.knight@ed.ac.uk
Ian Maudlin Vector biology & tropical diseases Ian.Maudlin@ed.ac.uk
Neil Sargison Ruminant helminth control and anthelmintic resistance neil.sargison@ed.ac.uk
Darren Shaw Veterinary clinical epidemiology Darren.Shaw@ed.ac.uk
Alan Walker Vector borne disease of livestock Alan.R.Walker@ed.ac.uk
School of Chemistry    
Paul Barlow The complement system & the immune response Paul.Barlow@ed.ac.uk
Mark Bradley Polymer microarrays mark.bradley@ed.ac.uk
Dominic Campopiano Enzymology, innate immunity and antibiotics Dominic.Campopiano@ed.ac.uk
Scotland's Rural College  
Jos Houdijk Nutrition and immunity to parasites Jos.Houdijk@sruc.ac.uk
Mike Houldings Disease Systems mike.hutchings@sruc.ac.uk
Scottish Blood Transfusion Unit  
Juraj Petrik Transfusion transmitted infection juraj.petrik@nhs.net
School of Health in Social Science    
Tonks Fawcett Sepsis, infection control & behaviour
Aisha Holloway Public health and alcohol related harm aisha.holloway@ed.ac.uk
School of Social and Political Science    
Ian Harper Global health policy iharper@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Rebecca Marsland Ethnographic research on malaria and HIV/AIDS r.marsland@ed.ac.uk
James Smith Evolution of medical and veterinary research into trypanosomiasis in Africa james.smith@ed.ac.uk
Devi Srdihar Global policy in public health devi.sridhar@ed.ac.uk
The Roslin Institute    
Pip Beard Poxviruses modulation and pathogenesis pip.beard@ed.ac.uk
Mark Bronsvoort Epidemiology of animal infections Mark.Bronsvoort@ed.ac.uk
Dave Burt Comparative genomics in development, physiology and disease dave.burt@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Alex Corbishley Vaccine performance and development in ruminants alexander.corbishley@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Bob Dalziel Herpes and influenza viruses Bob.Dalziel@ed.ac.uk
Paul Digard Influenza virus replication and pathogenesis paul.digard@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Bernadette Dutia Herpes and influenza viruses Bernadette.Dutia@ed.ac.uk
Ross Fitzgerald Evolution & pathogenesis of Staphylococci Ross.Fitzgerald@ed.ac.uk
Tom Freeman Macrophage systems biology and microarrays tfreeman@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
David Gally Bacterial zoonotic diseases D.Gally@ed.ac.uk
Andrew Gill Prions and protein misfolding andy.gill@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Liz Glass Veterinary immunogenetics & genomics liz.glass@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Wilfred Goldman Molecular genetics of prion diseases wilfred.goldmann@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Finn Grey Viral micro-RNA function finn.grey@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Jayne Hope Anti-mycobacterial immunity jayne.hope@roslin.ed.ac.uk
John Hopkins Pathophysiology and immunology of infection John.Hopkins@ed.ac.uk
David Hume Macrophage biology and gene function david.hume@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Peter Kaiser Host-pathogen interactions in birds pete.kaiser@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Andreas Lengeling Genetics of host resistance to infection (Streptococci & Listeria) andreas.lengeling@ed.ac.uk
Neil Mabbott Immunopathogenesis of prion diseases neil.mabbott@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Jean Manson Prion Diseases, TSEs, Neurobiology jean.manson@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Liam Morrison Disease progression in trypanosome infections liam.morrison@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Ivan Morrison Theileria genetics & immunology Ivan.Morrison@ed.ac.uk
Tony Nash Herpesvirus pathogenesis, immunty & evasion Tony.Nash@ed.ac.uk
Tanja Opriessnig Infectious disease in pigs:  diagnostics, pathogenesis, prevention and control tanja.opriessnig@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Colin Sharp New and emerging viruses csharp4@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Mark Stevens Molecular virulence of bacterial pathogens Mark.Stevens@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Jo Stevens Cell biology of Burkholderia Jo.Stevens@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Michael Watson Genomics and transcriptomics for animal health mick.watson@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Andrea Wilson Mathematical modelling of host-pathogen interactions andrea.wilson@roslin.ed.ac.uk

School of Physics

Rosalind J Allen Biological & Soft Condensed Matter Physics rallen2@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Bartek Waclaw Biophysics microbial evolution & cancer bwaclaw@staffmail.ed.ac.uk



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