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The Roslin Institute: Research Fellow

A post for a Research Fellow is available within the Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health based at The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush Campus near Roslin in the group of Dr. Timothy Connelley. The principle activity will be in analysis of immunogenetic diversity in livestock species with other responsibilities including elements of immunological analysis and laboratory management. The position requires experience in a range of molecular and cellular biology techniques and ability to work independently, with a PhD (or near completion) in a relevant genetics/immunological discipline preferable but not essential.

Job Purpose

The position’s main objective will be to undertake research looking at the immunogenetic diversity of livestock as part of the activities of the Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health. This will include conducting laboratory based experiments as well as contributing to the overall functioning of the laboratory.

Activities of the post-holder will initially involve analysis of MHC (major histocompatibility complex) diversity and TCR (T-cell receptor) repertoire in African livestock species (cattle, pig, sheep and goats) using novel NGS approaches. Funding is available from multiple sources including BBSRC, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USA) and the EU. The activities will include planning of experimental design (in consultation with the line manager), carrying out the experimental work, training post-graduate students and analysing and reporting on research findings for grant reports and publications. As part of a large international research project there may be opportunities to spend short periods abroad to assist in establishing techniques in collaborating laboratories (US, Africa, Europe). In addition the post-holder will be expected to contribute to the management of the laboratory group.

Vacancy Details

  • For more information and to apply:  CLICK HERE
  • Vacancy Ref:  039918
  • Closing Date:  Thursday 22 June 2017
  • Contact Person : Nicola McManus,
  • Grade/Pay Scale:  UE07, £32,004 - £38,183
  • 35 hours per week fixed term to 30 September 2020

Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Bacteria, like all other cells, stay alive by maintaining adequate supplies of free energy. Under various external stresses, bacteria attempt to stay viable by distributing the available energy to processes essential for coping with the challenge, while simultaneously maintaining core cellular functions. Supported by the Human Frontiers Science Program this postdoctoral project will investigate bacterial strategies for free energy coordination by directly measuring the free energy dynamics under stress conditions.
The successful applicant will use biophysical assays for single cell measurements of the two main sources of free energy: the proton motive force (PMF) and the internal ATP levels to simultaneously monitor changes in PMF and ATP while exposing the cells to various stresses. Based on this data set, the applicant will build a mathematical model that will allow us to identify different strategies to sustain free energy.
The objective of the project is to uncover the fundamental principles behind the preservation of free energy and to offer an operational definition of ‘dead’ and ‘alive’ grounded in the biophysics of free energy flows.
The post holder will work with Dr. Teuta Pilizota at the Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology (SynthSys), University of Edinburgh for the duration of the project, and in collaboration with Dr. Bai Fan and Dr. Chien Jung Lo, at Perking University in China and National Central University in Taiwan, respectively.
Applicants holding a PhD (or soon to be obtained) in (biological) physics, applied mathematics and systems biology are encouraged to apply. Expertise in customized microscopy, microfluidics and bacterial energetics is welcomed. The post is funded until 30/11/2018

Job Purpose
To characterize and develop microscopy based biophysical assays for measurements of cellular energetics, such as cellular proton motive force (membrane voltage and pH) and ATP levels and to measure free energy coordination in individual bacterial cells

Vacancy Details

  • For more information and to apply:  CLICK HERE
  • Vacancy Ref:  040008
  • Closing Date:  Friday 23 June 2017
  • Contact Person : Teuta Pilizota,
  • Grade/Pay Scale:  UE07, £32,004 - £38,183
  • Due to start 1 August 2017 and run until 30 November 2018, 35 hours per week

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