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Ker Prize awarded to Gill Wilson

Ker Memorial Prize and Lecture

The Ker Memorial Prize is awarded ananually to the PhD student who has submitted the best thesis in infectious diseases during that year.

The Ker Memorial Prize for 2012 was awarded to Dr Gill Wilson at the Edinburgh Infectious Diseases annual symposium held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 31 May, 2012.

 The award committee gave the prize for Gill's thesis entitled

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Garry Blakely Awarded $100,000 for Novel Oral Vaccine

Bacterial Nano-Particles as Oral Vaccines Against Diarrhoea
Garry Blakely of the University of Edinburgh has been awarded $100,000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop a novel oral vaccination strategy against diarrhoeal diseases which are endemic in the Third World. The project will use a synthetic biology approach, in combination with a bacterium normally found in the human gut, to develop biocompatible delivery vehicles as oral vaccines.

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New Grant Awarded to Dr Jayne Hope to prevent spread of TB

Roslin researcher Dr Jayne Hope has received five-figure funding for her research contributing to the protection of cattle from tuberculosis. The incidence of TB in cattle is increasing rapidly resulting in major economic losses and increasing human health risks from this zoonotic disease.


Neonatal immunity

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