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Roslin's "Dolly" scientists to feature on Radio Four

In this week's Reunion, Sue MacGregor gathers together creators of Dolly the cloned sheep - including Roslin scientists.

BBC Radio Four's Reunion is a series that reunites a group of people intimately involved in a moment of modern history. On Sunday 9th Spetember Sue MacGregor will gather together creators of Dolly the cloned sheep including scientists still based at The Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh.

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New work from EID illuminates how our bodies regulate cholesterol levels

Cholesterol study could aid quest for new treatments of cardiovascular disease

New studies by Peter Ghazal and his colleagues in the Division of Pathway Medicine, and published in Biochimie last week, provide fresh insights about how our bodies regulate cholesterol levels. This paper shows that the immune system tunes down cholesterol production in order to fight viral infection, which leads us to ask whether we can manipulate the way that cells produce cholesterol to help fight the spread of viral infections in the future, and to suppress viruses in existing infections.

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Rick Maizels receives Kenneth Rainin Foundation 2012 Innovator Award

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation Announces $1,000,000 in Grants Awarded for Innovative IBD Research

Oakland, CA – The Kenneth Rainin Foundation (KRF) announced today the recipients of its 2012 Innovator Awards and its 2012 Breakthrough Awards for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) research.

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