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New discovery from EID members offers hope in fight against deadly infection

New discovery offers hope in fight against deadly infection

A scientific development could lead to medicines to treat a tropical infection that affects millions of people each year.  Scientists have created a compound that targets the parasite responsible for leishmaniasis, which causes a range of illnesses including Black Fever, which kills around 50,000 people each year, mostly in India.  The treatment works by blocking the action of a crucial enzyme in the parasite, preventing it from carrying out its key role of converting food into energy to keep the parasite alive.

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2 major new grants awarded to EID members bring in over £900K to the University of Edinburgh

Two major new grants have just been awarded to EID members! 

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New parasite study from EID suggests need for rethink on malaria treatments

Parasite study suggests need for rethink on malaria treatments

Fresh discoveries about how the malaria parasite responds to drugs could help inform strategies for treating infection.  Scientists from Edinburgh Infectious Diseases have shown that severe strains of the parasite, which cause the most harmful malarial infections, are harder to kill with treatment than less harmful strains.

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