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Oyster farming to benefit from new genetic screening tool developed at the Roslin Institute

Oyster farmers are set to benefit from a new genetic tool that will help to prevent disease outbreaks and improve yields.

The technology will enable hatcheries to rapidly assess the genetic make-up of their oysters, so they can select animals with desirable characteristics from which to breed.

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Many congratulations to Eleanor Silvester, winner of the 2017 Ker Memorial Prize

Very many congratulations to Eleanor Silvester from the School of Biological Sciences, winner of the 2017 Ker Memorial Prize in Infectious Diseases.

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New work from the School of Biological Sciences identifies organ signal that raises hopes of treatments for immune disorders

The discovery of key signals that help tissues repair after injury could pave the way for new treatments for asthma and organ scarring, according to a study by the University of Edinburgh's School of Biological Sciences.

Scientists have identified two molecules that enhance the body’s immune response inside vital organs, helping to fight off parasitic worm infections and repair damaged tissues.

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