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Judi Allen awarded £2million grant to study the role macrophages in nematode infection

Many congratulations to Prof Judi Allen in the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research on the award of a £2m grant from the Medical Research Council to study the role of macrophages in the host response to helminth infection!

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Malaria study from Edinburgh Infectious Diseases suggests drugs should target female parasites

Malaria study suggests drugs should target female parasites

Fresh insight into the parasite that causes malaria suggests a new way to develop drugs and vaccines to tackle the disease.

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Study from Arvind Mahajan and colleagues at the Roslin Institute shows how salmonella thrives to makes us ill

Study from Edinburgh Infectious Diseases shows how salmonella thrives

Scientists have gained fresh insights into how the salmonella bug makes us ill.  The bacteria are able to change key cells that line the intestine, enabling the bugs to thrive.  By changing the make-up of these cells, the salmonella bacteria are able to cross the gut wall, resulting in food poisoning.

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