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Study by Edinburgh psychologists shows pro-vaccine messages can boost belief in MMR myths

A study by Edinburgh psychologists suggests that current strategies for correcting misinformation about the dangers of vaccinations have the opposite effect and reinforce ill-founded beliefs.

Presenting scientific facts to disprove misconceptions was found to actually strengthen unfounded opinions, such as that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism.

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£1.3M MRC grant awarded to Roslin Institute researchers to study stroke-associated infection

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh (Dr. Barry McColl, Dr. Laura McCulloch and colleagues -  Roslin Institute) have been awarded a £1.3M grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC) to study the immunological mechanisms related to B cell function that are disrupted after stroke and could contribute to stroke-associated infection (SAI).

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Babies’ colds prevented by ‘friendly’ bacteria, shows new study from University of Edinburgh

Researchers based at the University’s Medical Research Council Centre for Inflammation Research have found that bacteria living in the nose and throat could be key to warding off childhood infections.

Scientists have found that babies prone to colds and chest infections have variations in the bacteria that live in their respiratory tracts compared with healthy children.

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