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Immune study at University of Edinburgh points to new ways to treat lung disease

Fresh insight into how the immune system keeps itself in check could lead to new ways of fighting chronic lung disease, according to research by the University’s MRC Centre for Inflammation Research.

New findings could open avenues of research for tackling damage caused by cells that overreact to infection.

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Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University have found pollution can make you ill

Air pollution could make you more vulnerable to infection, scientists at Edinburgh Napier University have revealed.

A team led by immunology expert Dr Peter Barlow has demonstrated for the first time that nano-sized particles found in traffic fumes can damage the immune system’s ability to kill viruses and bacteria.

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Study by Edinburgh psychologists shows pro-vaccine messages can boost belief in MMR myths

A study by Edinburgh psychologists suggests that current strategies for correcting misinformation about the dangers of vaccinations have the opposite effect and reinforce ill-founded beliefs.

Presenting scientific facts to disprove misconceptions was found to actually strengthen unfounded opinions, such as that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism.

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