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Cystic fibrosis study at the University of Edinburgh offers new therapy hope for patients

Fresh insights into how cystic fibrosis affects immune cells could pave the way for new treatments for the condition.

Scientists have discovered that cells in patients with cystic fibrosis that normally defend against infection can also perpetuate damage to the lungs.

Drugs that target these cells could help to stem progression of the disease, the researchers say.

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University of Edinburgh scientists support African drug resistance fight

Edinburgh researchers have contributed to a Zimbabwean initiative to tackle the threat of growing resistance to antibiotics.

The move follows a situational analysis in the country showing that antimicrobial resistance – the ability of infections to develop resistance to commonly used drugs –will grow if left unchecked.

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Edinburgh to play a major role in national PhD training programme to tackle antimicrobial resistance

The Medical Research Foundation (MRF), the charitable foundation of the Medical Research Council, has invested £2.85M in delivering the UK’s first nationwide PhD training programme to focus on the global threat of antimicrobial resistance.

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