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Red squirrels in Britain are stricken by medieval strain of leprosy, shows a new study from Edinburgh researchers

Leprosy in Britain’s red squirrels is being caused by the same species of bacteria responsible for human infections, a DNA study has found.

One of the strains – affecting squirrels on Brownsea Island, off England’s south coast – shares close similarities with that responsible for outbreaks of the disease in medieval Europe.

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Antibiotics Awareness Week 14 – 20 November 2016

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Breakthrough in the control of Amoebic Gill Disease by researchers at the Roslin Institute

Hendrix Genetics in collaboration with researchers at The Roslin Institute use genomic selection to help breed salmon with increased resistance to this potentially fatal disease.

Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) has been a long term problem for salmon farmers in Tasmania and has become a significant problem in Scotland and Norway. In the UK, it has been estimated that measures to control the disease could cost up to £100 million per year to the economy.

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