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Lung probe developed in Edinburgh spots infections and aims to cut antibiotic overuse

Edinburgh researchers are helping to develop a new imaging tool that rapidly diagnoses bacterial lung infections could help prevent unnecessary use of antibiotics in intensive care units.

Further development of the technology has received £2million from Wellcome Trust and will receive up to £0.9m (US $1.12m) from CARB-X, a major international initiative to tackle antibiotic resistance co-funded by the US Government and Wellcome.

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Members of Moredun Research Institute help launch the SEFARI Centre for Knowledge Exchange & Impact

Businesses, charities, communities and policy-makers will benefit from easier access to environmental and agricultural research carried out in Scotland, thanks to a collective launched on 29 March 2017.

The collective – called SEFARI – will work across 6 of Scotland’s research institutes to improve the availability of information on, and connections between, areas such as the environment, land, food, agriculture and rural communities.

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Work from the Roslin Institute shows gut macrophage dysregulation key to Inflammatory Bowel Disease

An international study led by scientists at The Roslin Institute highlights gut macrophage dysregulation as a key process leading to Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is caused by the body's own immune system attacking elements of the digestive system.

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