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New study from Centre for Inflammation Research points to new therapies for life-threatening lung disease ARDS

Edinburgh scientists have pinpointed a chemical signal that worsens inflammation linked to a life-threatening lung condition.

The discovery by the University’s MRC Centre for Inflammation Research could eventually lead to new therapies for the disease, which can be fatal for up to half of those affected.

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Immune discovery from the Roslin Institute points to therapies to improve stroke recovery

Having a stroke damages immune cells as well as affecting the brain, new research from the Roslin Institute has found.

The findings help explain why patients have a greater risk of catching life-threatening infections, such as pneumonia, after having a stroke.

Therapies that boost survival of the affected immune cells or compensate for their damage could help improve the recovery of stroke patients, the researchers say.

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£10m investment in Roslin Technologies set to boost impact of animal science innovations

Innovations that improve the health of farmed animals and raise agricultural productivity will be brought to market with the support of a £10 million investment.

The investment in the new company Roslin Technologies will develop business opportunities arising from the University of Edinburgh’s world-leading animal science research.

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