Inaugural Lecture: Prof Tanja Opriessnig - The Roslin Institute

  • Inaugural Lecture:  Prof Tanja Opriessnig - From “circus virus” to most used swine vaccine
  • When:  Monday 24 April 2017
  • Time:  5.30 - 6.30 pm
  • Location:  The Roslin Institute Auditorium, The Roslin Institute, Easter Bush Campus, EH25 9RG
  • Registration:  free on Eventbrite


Professor Tanja Opriessnig is a professor of infectious disease pathology at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on infectious diseases in pigs with an emphasis on porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2).

This is one of the smallest viruses known to man, that had for many years been simply ignored or considered a “circus act” by many leading pig scientists until innovative research clearly showed causality with major disease outbreaks. Subsequently, introduction of the vaccine has perhaps had the greatest impact of any swine vaccine in recent history.

During her inaugural lecture, Professor Opriessnig will provide a brief background on PCV2 discovery, how PCV2 became one of the most important pig pathogens and how it has continued to evolve.  She will describe the race to rapidly design, manufacture and implement experimental vaccines once the industry was convinced of the importance of this “ubiquitous” pathogen and how it is now considered the most used vaccine in the global pig production.

The lecture will be followed by a reception in the area outside the auditorium.

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