Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar Programme: Patrick Schweizer (IPK Gatersleben) - Resistance of barley to fungal pathogens

  • Title:  Gene discovery and validation for durable resistance of barley against fungal pathogens
  • When:  Monday 24 April 2017
  • Time:  ** 12.05 pm ** (this is to allow students to vacate the lecture theatre at 12 pm)
  • Location:   G.27 Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building
  • Speaker:  Dr Patrick Schweizer, Pathogen-Stress Genomics Lab, Breeding Research, IPK Gatersleben
  • Host:  Goary Loake


Broad-spectrum, quantiative pathogen resistance is of high importance to plant breeders due to its durability. However, it is usually controlled by multiple quantitative trait loci and therefore, challenging to handle in breeding practice. Knowing about the underlying genes would allow its more targeted utilization by allele introgressions. With the available omics tools and data of barley and one of its major fungal pathogens, the powdery mildew fungus Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei, at hand we are now enabled to functionally address genes for defense and attack on both sides of this plant-pathogen interaction at a genome-wide scale.

To identify genes that mediate race-nonspecific resistance of barley to B. graminis we combined a functional-genomics approach based on genomewide transcript profiling and transient-induced gene silencing (TIGS, 1400 genes) with a genetic approach consisting of association- and Meta-QTL mapping plus analysis of copy-number variation. This guided us to a shortlist of approximately 50 candidates with converging evidence for an important role in race-nonspecific resistance of barley. We have started marker-assisted introgression of potentially valuable alleles of some of these candidate genes in barley, followed by assessment of multiple pathogen resistance. On the pathogen side, host-induced gene silencing (HIGS) can inform us about effectors and other molecular weapons that are critical for successful host invasion.
You can find a note of upcoming seminars at: http://www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/biology/news-events/seminars

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