PhD Pathway Medicine

Infectious Diseases in Pathway Medicine 

The central goal of the Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine (DIPM) is to integrate post-genomic science with medicine in order to provide a better understanding of disease processes. This will provide the basis for the development of new medical innovations for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases. To do this the DIPM promotes multidisciplinary interactions between science and medicine.
The DIPM has two main research themes: (1) Pathway biology of infection & immunity: This involves the study of host-pathogen interaction in immune cells and the modelling of molecular pathways that control immune cell function in health and disease. Techniques and approaches utilised in this theme are also being applied to the study of other disease processes. (2) Biochip medicine in systemic response to disease: This programme involves the development of advanced biochip techniques and platforms for translating genomic and pathway research into clinical healthcare. This is a highly disciplinary approach involving the integration of biological and physical sciences with medicine, engineering and computational science.
More details about past projects offered can be found on the Division of Pathway Medicine PhD study website.  Potential students are strongly advised to contact possible supervisors before applying.
New information about PhD studentships offered in the 2016/17 session is now available on the Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine website.

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