Cell and Molecular Biology seminar: Helge Grosshans (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel)

  • When: Monday 14 January 2013
  • Time:  12  - 1 pm
  • Location:  Lecture Theatre 1, Daniel Rutherford Building, Kings Buildings
  • Title:  MicroRNAs - short but complex in function and regulation
  • Host:  Gracjan Michlewski


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Gordon Research Conference: Immunology of Fungal Infections, Galveston, TX

Gordon Research Conference

This conference will bring together the world's leading researchers investigating antifungal immunity, in a setting ideal for promoting cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations. This will provide a compelling and informative meeting covering the latest advances in the field and the most pressing issues to be tackled.

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Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh Clinical Virology seminars: Mike Jones (RIDU, Edinburgh)

  • Title:  Importance of Herpes B virus
  • When:  Thursday 10 January 2013
  • Time:  1.30 pm onwards
  • Location:  Seminar Room (S7122) opposite Ward 211, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
  • Contact:  Heli Harvala (email heli.harvala@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk)
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