Keystone Symposium: Malaria, New Orleans, USA

  • When:  20 - 25 January, 2013
  • Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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New study from Anura Rambukkana shows that leprosy bacteria can promote host cell reprogramming

A discovery about the way in which bugs spread throughout the body could help to develop stem cell treatments

Researchers from Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, have found that bacteria are able to change the make-up of supporting cells within the nervous system, called Schwann cells, so that they take on the properties of stem cells. 

The study was published in Cell in January and has been recommended as exceptional by the Faculty of 1000! Access the recommendation on F1000Prime

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Centre for Inflammation Research seminar: Peter Fischer (University of Nottingham)

  • When:  Friday 18 January 2013
  • Time:  12 - 1 pm
  • Location:  Wellcome Auditorium, Queens Medical Research Institute
  • Title:  Design, discovery and ptential therapeutic applications of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors
  • Host:  Adriano Rossi (
  • Organiser:  Sonia Rafferty (
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