PhD Infectious Diseases - Evolutionary Biology

Infectious Diseases in Evolutionary Biology

The research areas of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology include evolutionary ecology, animal behaviour and social evolution; evolution of disease (with links especially with malaria and immunology research); quantitative genetics (including long term studies of natural populations and applications to animal breeding); evolutionary genetics (including genome analysis and experimental work with a variety of species); and evolution of viruses (such as HIV and influenza).
Information about how to apply for a studentship is available here.  Potential candidates are strongly advised to contact possible supervisors before applying.
New information about PhD studentships offered in the 2018/19 session is available on the School of Biological Sciences website
  • Mairead Rae
  • Postgraduate Programme Administrator for the Institutes of Evolutionary Biology and Immunology and Infection Research
  • Tel: +44 (0)131 650 5455
  • Address: 
    • School of Biological Sciences
      Mary Brück Building
      Colin MacLaurin Road
      King’s Buildings
      EH9 3DW

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