Continued funding of Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology facilities by Wellcome Trust

Researchers based in the School of Biological Sciences Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology have recently received a £500K from the Wellcome Trust to continue their work. 

The director of the centre is Malcolm Walkinshaw, a member of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases.  The centre is based in the Swann Building on the Kings Buidlings campus at the University of Edinburgh, and provides facilities and expertise to promote interdisciplinary research across biology, chemistry and medicine.  It brings together a network of over 60 independent research laboratories, alongside a centralised protein production and characterisation facility in the Edinburgh Protein Production Facility (EPPF) which is managed by Dr Martin Wear.  Within the netowrk there is also expertise in Structural Biology and Virtual Screening and Structure Based Design.

L to R:  CTCB; Swann Building at Kings Buildings, Malcolm Walkinshaw, director of the CTCB; Martin Wear, manager of the CTCB

Malcolm Walkinshaw, director of the Centre for Translation and Chemical Biology says:

This award secures the future of the facility and we should be able to expand our protein characterisation and protein expression capabilities.  To guarantee the best possible match between what we offer and what users need, we have also initiated regular User Group meetings which will be chaired by Kevin Hardwick. The group will comprise PIs, post-docs, and PhD students from various labs round the University.

The Centre provices expertise in

For further details please click on the links above or visit the Centre website

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