The Edinburgh Immunology Group Seminar: Andreas Wack (The Francis Crick Institute) - Influenza-induced short-term and long-term changes to lung immunity

  • Title:  Influenza-induced short-term and long-term changes to lung immunity
  • When:  Thursday 14 December 2017
  • Time:  4 pm
  • Location:  Lecture Theatre 3, Ashworth Labs, Kings Buildings
  • Host:  Rose Zamoyska (


Andreas’ work aims to identify which features of the host determine the outcome of disease in influenza and in co-infection. His research focuses on early events after infection, and in particular on the interface between the infected epithelium and the immune system. His group has established a culture system of mouse and human airway epithelium, the primary target of influenza virus, and use this system to study responses to infection with influenza virus and exposure to bacteria. Complemented by in vivo studies, this approach has allowed him to identify early events that pave the way for immune-mediated pathology or protection.

There will be a meet the student session for PhD Students and early career post-docs at 3.15pm before the seminar, please contact Samir ( for more information.

Please join us for drinks, nibbles and discussion after the seminar at 5pm.

If you would like to go out for dinner with the speaker please contact Rose Zamoyska directly (

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