£1.3M MRC grant awarded to Roslin Institute researchers to study stroke-associated infection

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh (Dr. Barry McColl, Dr. Laura McCulloch and colleagues -  Roslin Institute) have been awarded a £1.3M grant from the Medical Research Council (MRC) to study the immunological mechanisms related to B cell function that are disrupted after stroke and could contribute to stroke-associated infection (SAI).

SAI is the major complication of stroke, affecting up to one third of patients, and is associated with greater death and disability. No effective treatments are currently available for SAI. The project will explore how innate-like functions of some B cells that normally protect from infection are disrupted by stroke, including the involvement of neuroimmune signalling, and test novel approaches to overcome this disruption.

Work will involve close collaboration with colleagues at the University of Manchester and Salford Royal Hospital and include cellular, in vivo and patient studies. The project will build on work described in a recently published paper in Nature Communications - Adrenergic-mediated loss of splenic marginal zone B cells contributes to infection susceptibility after stroke; Laura McCulloch, Craig J. Smith & Barry W. McColl.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this grant.

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