Many congratulations to Prof Sarah Reece on her award of the Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society of London

Very many congratulations to Sarah Reece, member of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in the School of Biological Sciences on her recent award of the Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society of London.

Sarah's citation reads:

The ZSL Scientific Medal is awarded to Sarah Reece, University of Edinburgh.  Sarah uses ecological and evolutionary perspectives to study malaria parasites, and has received significant international recognition for this work.  This is largely because Sarah brings a unique perspective to the study of malaria. Parasites have historically been viewed as simple organisms and the sophisticated strategies they have evolved have been overlooked in evolutionary biology.  Sarah’s research has revealed the complexity of these strategies and shown that parasites are extremely informative for our understanding of how natural selection operates. Sarah has also demonstrated how this knowledge can be harnessed to make disease control more evolution-proof. 

Her work is exceptionally integrative, uniting the disparate fields of evolutionary theory, cellular and molecular biology, mathematical modelling, immunology, parasitology and ecology. Sarah has used this diverse toolkit to reveal the ecological constraints and evolutionary adaptations of malaria, and by studying the parasite as an organism in its own right she has exposed an unrecognized diversity in parasite life history. Sarah is now focused on the question of how and why parasites that exclusively live within the bodies of other organisms have a daily rhythm, to establish whether these rhythms confer benefits to the parasite. These are questions that no one has yet addressed. No doubt her work will reveal important clinical as well as evolutionary discoveries. 

The quality of Sarah’s research is truly exceptional and it is a pleasure to present her with the Scientific Medal".

Find out more about Sarah's groundbreaking work on her lab's website

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