Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics Workshop: Moredun Research Institute, Edinburgh

  • Event:  Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics Workshop
  • When:  Thursday 27 April 2017
  • Time:  9 am - 5.30 pm
  • Location:  Moredun Research Institute, Pentland Science Park, Easter Bush
  • More info:
  • Registration:  Closing date 18 April 2017

Metagenomics and metatranscriptomics are increasingly becoming important molecular tools for the identification of microbial communities that are non-culturable and associated with ‘normal’ and ‘diseased’ states. This allows the detection of changes in these communities, known as ‘microbiota’, during infection and disease, and hence the identification of microbes associated with specific disease syndromes, providing targets for the development of novel diagnostics and vaccines. 

The technology will be useful in determining microbial populations in relation to different disease syndromes (such as bovine reproduction, mammary) or in disease vectors (midges, ticks, mosquitoes) and changes in populations under different conditions (stress, co-infections, vaccination, climate change). This work has been incorporated into the new Scottish Government programme (2016-2021) and forms part of RD 2.2.4 Novel Diagnostic Tools.
As part of this SG-funded research, a workshop on metagenomics has been organised at Moredun Research Institute on the 27 April 2007.  This workshop will cover all aspects of the technology from approaches and methodology, to practical applications and analysis.  The meeting will be a great opportunity to gain lots of practical advice on setting up these types of experiments, as well as dealing with the pitfalls and the more challenging aspects of the analysis and the interpretation of data. It will also present a great networking opportunity for the scientists participating in the workshop.

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