Contributing solutions to a global crisis: Launch of the Edinburgh Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy

Antimicrobial resistance research in Edinburgh: Contributing solutions to a global crisis

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases launched the Strategy for Antimicrobail Resistance Research in Edinburgh at the Playfair Library, University of Edinburgh on 22 March 2017.

Download copy of the Strategy (5.7 Mb)

The symposium showcased the wide variety of on-going research into AMR at the University of Edinburgh, and concluded with a panel discussion addressing current and future opportunities for research funding.

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The presentations covered four main themes:

  • Global and local epidemiology of AMR
  • Rapid diagnostics for more effective use of antibiotics
  • Underpinning mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
  • Alternatives to antimicrobials for controlling infections

with speakers from acros the University of Edinburgh

  • Rosalind Allen - School of Physics and Astromomy
  • Till Bachmann - Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine
  • Donald Davidson - Centre for Inflammation Research
  • Kev Dhaliwal - PROTEUS Project and Centre for Inflammation Research
  • David Dockrell - Queens Medical Research Institute
  • Ross Fitzgerald - Roslin Institute
  • David Gally - Roslin Institute
  • Gavin Paterson - Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
  • Thamarai Schneiders - Division of Infection and Pathway Medicine
  • Bartek Waclaw - School of Physics and Astronomy
  • Melissa Ward - School of Biological Sciences
  • Mark Woolhouse - School of Biological Sciences

Download Mark Woolhouse's keynote presentation here (2.3 Mb)

Panel discussion:

Panel members were Caroline Harris (MRC), Alistair Leanord (Office of the Chief Medical Officer, SG), Eleanor Anderson (CARS) and Catherine Burns (Research Support Office, UoE), and was chaired by Till Bachmann.


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