EdCMA Inaugural Conference: Scoping Medical Anthropology - Problems from Ongoing Field work

The first biannual conference of the Edinburgh Centre for Medical Anthropology (EdCMA) will take the form of an intensive 2-day workshop featuring the seven core EdCMA faculty members (Prof Ian Harper, Dr Stefan Ecks, Dr Lucy Lowe, Prof Alex Edmonds, Dr Rebecca Marsland, Dr Alice Street, and Dr Alex Nading); six invited outside guests; junior-level anthropologists who might come to Edinburgh as postdoctoral scholars; and Edinburgh anthropology PhD students doing work related to medical anthropology. 

The theme of the conference will be “Scoping Medical Anthropology: Problems from Ongoing Fieldwork.” The term scoping refers both to defining the parameters of a problem and looking deeply inside one particular part of the body (in this case, a body of scholarship) in order to draw out larger lessons.  This conference seeks to do both.

The conference has three broad goals:

  • To allow EdCMA members to engage in a conversation about ongoing research projects.  By putting each member’s individual research into conversation with that of the other members and our guests, we hope to build stronger intellectual networks out of EdCMA’s already firm foundation. 
  • To share the breadth of EdCMA’s research with both established and emerging world leaders in medical anthropology. 
  • To attract a strong pool of potential postdoctoral research fellows by giving PhD students and junior scholars from beyond Edinburgh a chance to workshop proposals and long-term research plans with EdCMA members and outside guests.
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