International Day of Immunology 2016: The Edinburgh Immunology Group

The Edinburgh Immunology Group (EIG) is a regional group of the British Society for Immunology at the University of Edinburgh.

The group provides a platform for Immunologists from all research institutes in Edinburgh to come together to discuss their current research, stimulate new research avenues and facilitate collaborative projects in Edinburgh.

Celebrating the brightest names immunology

The EIG runs an annual seminar series that brings the brightest names in Immunology research to Edinburgh, enabling our vibrant community to keep up to date with the latest research occurring worldwide.

Our stimulating seminar series covers the diverse Immunological topics currently under study in Edinburgh and over the last 7 months we have hosted speakers from different institutes spanning the USA, continental Europe and the UK.

The topics presented have been diverse including stromal cell biology (Dr Anne Fletcher, UK), Dendritic cell targeting (Dr Isabelle Schwartz-Cornil, France), NK cell receptors (Dr John Hammond, UK), Fungal infection (Prof. Robin May, UK), IL33 biology (Prof. Jean-Phillipe Girard, France), oral mucosal immune responses (Dr Joanne Konkel, UK) and Stroke induced immune depression (Prof. Andreas Meisel, Germany).

Planning for the 2016/2017 seminar series is underway and among many others, we are excited to host Prof. Gwendalyn Randolph from Washington University (St Louis, USA) this October.

Annual symposium in June 2016

The work of talented junior researchers within Edinburgh is celebrated at our annual summer symposium which this year is being held on Wednesday 22 June, with keynote lectures from Prof. Steven Singer and Dr Daniel Davis. This and our seminar series are kindly sponsored by Stratech, Peprotech, eBioscience, Biolegend, Thermofisher, Merck and Miltenyi.

If you would like to join the EIG or attend the summer symposium please contact the EIG secretary Carlos Minutti (

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Stunning images generated by some of the members of the Edinburgh Immunology Group

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