New micro-residency teaming artists and researchers in infectious diseases starts at the University of Edinburgh

A new exciting arts and science project teaming up mixed media artists with researchers in infectious diseases has started at the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution.

In this project, organised in collaboration with ASCUS Art & Science, four artists will spend fourteen days mingling with researchers in the Ashworth Laboratories.  They will be attending seminars and symposia, visiting labs, discussing the science and socialising during coffee breaks and happy hours.  Suitbably inspired by what they have learned, over the next two months the artists will develop pieces of work.  The micro-residencies will end in March, culminating in an exhibition at the Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015.

Participating Artists:

This programme offers an opportunity for artists to engage with current scientific research in a unique interdisciplinary centre which brings together specialists in: infection biology, immunology, genetics, mathematical modelling, epidemiology and evolutionary biology. Artists will be able to interact with scientists in their workspace and are encouraged to collaborate not only with the researchers, but also with each other.

The aim of the CIIE micro-residency is to enable true collaborations and the production of innovative trans-disciplinary outcomes. One of the funding ambitions of CIIE is forging interdisciplinary links. This is enhanced through the partnership with ASCUS, a leading advocate for art-science public engagement.

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