Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Annual Symposium 2015

We enjoyed another highly successful Annual Symposium on Wednesday 20 May 2015 at the Royal College of Physicians, Queen Street, Edinburgh.

Once again we had an excellent line up of speakers from across the Edinburgh Infectious Diseases network and were very fortunate to have Prof Helen McShane from the University of Oxford as the Ker Memorial Lecturer.  The full list of speakers is given below

We recorded several of the presentations - please click on the title images below to watch the talks on YouTube.  

And please mark your diaries for 1 June 2016 when we will be hosting our 5th Annual Symposium at The Hub, Castlehill, Edinburgh.  We are delighted that on this occasion the Ker Memorial Lecturer will be Professor Gordon Dougan from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton.  More details about the event will be available in early 2016.






























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Full list of speakers

  • Adriano Rossi, Centre for Inflammation Research, Little France
    • Resolution of inflammation: implications for infectious diseases
  • David Gally, Roslin Institute, Easter Bush
    • Enterohaemorrhagic E. coli O157 epidemiology: power to the phage
  • Alex Rowe, Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, Kings Buildings
    • Host-parasite interactions in severe malaria
  • Alex Nading, School of Social and Political Science, George Square
    • Public health approaches to vector borne and microbial disease
  • Henry McSorley, Centre for Inflammation Research, Little France
    • How parasites control allergic asthma
  • Liam Morrison, Roslin Institute, Easter Bush
    • Genetic variation and disease in trypanosomes
  • Lee Innes, Moredun Research Institute, Easter Bush
    • Toxoplasma gondii: the worlds’ most successful parasite
  • Amy Pedersen, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, Kings Buildings
    • A systems ecology approach to infection and immunity in a wild rodent
  • Sam Lycett, Roslin Institute, Easter Bush
    • Viral evolution and phylodynamics in domesticated and wild hosts
  • Alice Street, School of Social and Political Science, George Square
    • Mobile laboratories: integrating diagnostics with health infrastructures
  • Harry Campbell and Harish Nair, Centre for Population Health Studies, Old Medical School
    • RSV epidemiology research in the Centre for Population Health Sciences
  • Ker Memorial Prize Winner: 
    • Wei Yuan Hsieh, Divison of Infection and Pathway Medicine
      • Role of the host sterol biosynthetic pathway in viral replication
  • Ker Memorial Lectuer:
    • Prof Helen McShane, University of Oxford
      • Development of vaccines against Tuberculosis

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