Primary School workshops exploring Bugs and Bones

Public Engagement with Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

The "Bugs and Bones" treasure chest is part of an on-going involvement Edinburgh Infectious Diseases has with Public Engagement.  We received an initial grant to develop an outreach project for primary and lower secondary school aged children using the Ashworth Natural History Collection to explore the interaction between pathogens and hosts – the “bugs and bones” of the Collection. 

100s of children from all over Edinburgh have now taken part in workshops and we have received extremely positive feedback from the schools involved.  The project was especially well received at the Royal Blind School where children who have very little visual understanding of animals were literally able to grasp how they might look and move.

L:  The treasure chest and bones; R: (top) talking to students during a workshop; R (bottom):  the hooks on an intestinal hookworm and a flea

Workshops for primary schools

As part of the "Bugs and Bones" project we have developed 45 min workshops aimed at P3-P7 year groups.  We run these free workshops in schools and take pupils on a metaphorical voyage of discovery to different continents where they will have the opportunity to handle a variety of different animal skull and limb bones, and investigate how animal skeletons are adapted to their function; examine different parasites under a microscope; and learn about how infections are spread from person to person.  There is no exact number for these workshops but they work best with group sizes of 15-25.

If you would like to host a workshop in your school please get in touch wtih Hilary Snaith, coordinator of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases

For more details about the "Bugs and Bones" project

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