Report on productive Edinburgh workshop exploring the interface between communicable and non-communicable diseases

The Global Health Academy and Edinburgh Infectious Diseases were delighted to host a workshop for 80 participants Exploring the Interface Between Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases in the Ashworth Labs at the University of Edinburgh on 22 May 2014. 

The event was an opportunity for researchers from different backgrounds to explore the impact that the on-going shift in the burden of disease in the developing world, away from infectious diseases towards non-communicable conditions such as diabetes and cancer, has on both the Global Health and the Global Development agendas.  

The event brought together a diverse range of speakers, and was facilitated by Dr Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal and now director of the Ovations Initiative.  We heard three excellent presentations from external speakers - Bruno Guigas (University of Leiden Medical Centre), Sally Smith (UNAIDS), and Sue Kinn (Department for International Development) - and also had five speakers from the University of Edinburgh, Halyley Mabelson (Division of Pathway Medicine), Claudia Pagliari (Centre for Population Health Sciences), James Smith (Centre of African Studies), Francisca Mutapi (Inst. Immunology and Infection Research) and Richard Weller (Centre for Inflammation Research), see below.

All the speakers gave inspriring lectures, demonstrating how real change can be brought about through research-led interventions, and discussed the importance of ensuring that improving health remains at the heart of economic development.  

All the talks are now available on the Edinburgh Infectious Diseases YouTube channel.  Click on the botton on the right to see the whole playlist.

At the end of the event, Richard Smith led lively round-table discussions where some of the topics covered in the talks were explored in greater detail, with a view to devising new research strands in Edinburgh which address these complex emerging issues. 

Programme of presentations

Dr Sue Kinn (Head of Research, Health and Education, Department for International Development, UK Government)

  • Health in developing countries:  challenges of international development post 2015

Dr Hayley Mableson (Currently Intern at World Health Organisation, University of Edinburgh)

  • Global health advocacy and the infectious diseases continuum

Prof James Smith (Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh)

  • Addressing neglected tropical diseases in Africa

Sally Smith (UNAIDS, Geneva)

  • The challenges facing HIV / AIDS

Dr Francisca Mutapi (Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, University of Edinburgh

  • Success and challenges in controlling Schistosoma haematobium infection and consequences of infection

Dr Bruno Guigas (Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands)

  • Protective effects of helminths against metabolic disorders: from worms to molecules

Dr Richard Weller (Centre for Inflammation Research, University of Edinburgh)

  • Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and evidence based treatment

Dr Claudia Pagliari (Centre for Population Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh)

  • Global Health in the Digital Age - the power of data and communications for managing infectious, communicable and complex diseases

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