Edinburgh Infectious Diseases "Imaging Infection" workshop

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Edinburgh Infectious Diseases to delighted to invite you to the "Imaging Infection" workshop to discuss pathogen imaging in Edinburgh. 

This workshop has been organised to showcase the world-class imaging facilities we have here in Edinburgh:  managers of the different facilities at Kings Buildings, The Roslin Institute, The Queen's Medical Research Institute and the Edinburgh Super-Resolution Inaging Consortium will give details of what equipment is available, and how you can access it.  Facility users will also present some of the stunning data that has been obtained, with a particular empahsis on live-imaging.

The keynote speaker will be Professor Paul Garside from the Institute of Infection, Immunity and Imflammation at the Unversity of Glasgow.  Paul has carried out ground-breaking work using multiphoton microscopy to image immunological tolerance and provided amongst the earliest demonstrations of the importance of immune system dynamics.  Click  here for a link to his publications in PubMed.

For more information please contact Hilary Snaith (Coordinator Edinburgh Infectious Diseases; hilary.snaith@ed.ac.uk).

Provisional programme (Subject to change)

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