BBSRC Activating Impact Awards made to Alex Corbishley and Achim Schnaufer

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is delighted to announce that Alex Corbishley at the Roslin Institute, and Achim Schnaufer in the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research have both received ~£2K mini-secondment awards funded by the BBSRC Activating Impact award in the latest round of applications. 

Alex (top left) is a vet currently studying of a PhD with David Gally at the Roslin Institute and Tom McNeilly at the Moredun Research Institute.  His PhD is sponsored by Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. (Canada), a company that has used intellectual property developed in an academic setting to diversify its product portfolio.  and the mini-secondment will allow him to visit the Bioniche manufacturing facility for a novel cattle vaccine against E. coli O157:H7, and obtain a deeper understanding of how Bioniche worked with academia to increase the impact of basic science-led research.

Achim (bottom left) leads a lab studying the metabolism of trypanosomes to identify novel targets of drug development.  During their work the lab has developed molecular markers and assays for two particular strains of tryapnosome that cause disease in livestock and humans - Trypanosoma equiperdum and Trypanosoma evansi.  During a recent outbreak of lethal dourine diease caused by T. equiperdum in Italy, the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell'Abruzzo e del Molise, Italy (IZSAM) led efforts to characterise the recent outbreak.  The mini-secondment award will allow a team member from IZSAM to travel to Edinburgh to learn the assays developed in the Schnaufer lab, and further characterise the Italian T. equiperdum strain.  The knowledge exchange facilitated by this award is a further example of how academic research can be translated into impact.

Many congratulations to both!

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