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23 Feb 2017

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute have produced pigs that may be protected from an infection that costs the swine industry billions each year.

The team have used advanced genetic techniques to produce pigs that are...

15 Feb 2017

Professor Eleanor Riley has been appointed to head The Roslin Institute and will take up post later this year in succession to Professor David Hume.

Professor Riley is currently Professor of Infectious Disease Immunology at the London School...

14 Feb 2017

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have found that oxygen levels in the body can profoundly change the way immune cells behave.

Scientists say the findings pave the way for new therapies that target the immune response to infection,...

6 Feb 2017

Populations of bacteria will attack distantly related competitors in order to create a peaceful community in which they can flourish, a study into their behaviour has shown.

Families of bacteria cells are known to kill adjacent, unrelated...

26 Jan 2017

Large-scale programmes to treat a life-threatening disease that kills an estimated 280,000 people each year, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, could improve the health of millions, according to a study by the University’s School of Biological Sciences....

11 Jan 2017

Experts in the University’s Usher Institute are leading a €29 million research consortium to investigate serious lung infections that particularly affect babies and older adults.

The research aims to improve the management of Respiratory...

14 Dec 2016

Fresh insights into infectious brain conditions help to explain why some people – and animals – are more at risk than others.

The study reveals how prion diseases – which include variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) in people and bovine...

6 Dec 2016

Experts at the University of Edinburgh have pinpointed more than 30 infections that are likely candidates for the next major pandemic.


15 Nov 2016

Leprosy in Britain’s red squirrels is being caused by the same species of bacteria responsible for human infections, a DNA study has found.

One of the strains – affecting squirrels on Brownsea Island, off England’s south coast – shares close...

10 Nov 2016

Hendrix Genetics in collaboration with researchers at The Roslin Institute use genomic selection to help breed salmon with increased resistance to this potentially fatal disease.

Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) has been a long term problem for...

4 Nov 2016

Fresh insights into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), a life-threatening lung condition triggered by blood poisoning, could signal a new approach to treating the disease, researchers found.

Scientists in the Centre for Inflammation...

16 Oct 2016

Migration routes hold key to bird flu spread, global study finds

Monitoring the migration routes of wild birds could help to provide early warning of potential bird flu outbreaks, say experts from the University of Edinburgh.


13 Oct 2016

The Edinburgh Infectious Diseases Ker Memorial PhD Studentship in infectious disease research is available at the University of Edinburgh in 2017. 

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases is the network of researchers across the city...

10 Oct 2016

Many congratulations to Professor Andrew Rambaut in the School of Biological Sciences who was awarded the 2016 Chancellor's Research Award.

5 Oct 2016

The body’s own natural defences could be harnessed in a potential therapy for a common skin condition, research suggests.

The discovery may help create new treatments for atopic eczema, which affects around one in five children and one in 20...

3 Oct 2016

Would you like some of Scotland’s most innovative minds working on your Company’s challenges in Infection Research?

** NEW ** Company registration now extended to 31 October 2016...

30 Sep 2016

A group of global stakeholders on zoonotic tuberculosis have published joint policy guidelines to help erradicate the disease.


29 Sep 2016

Africa Week is a week long celebration of the wealth of activites focusing on Africa at the University of Edinburgh, running from 3 – 8 October 2016.


26 Sep 2016

Researchers argue that a long term strategy is needed to robustly provide tree stocks in the face of uncertain climate change.

For restoration and expansion of native woodlands, forest managers typically use planting stock which has been...


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