Ross Fitzgerald has been appointed Chair in Molecular Bacteriology at the University of Edinburgh

The Roslin Institute is pleased to announce that Ross Fitzgerald, a group leader at the Institute, and member of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases, has been made the University of Edinburgh’s Chair in Molecular Bacteriology.


Ross began his career at Trinity College, Dublin, where he received his degree and PhD. He first joined the University of Edinburgh in 2004 as a lecturer. Around the time he transferred into The Roslin Institute (in 2008) he became a senior lecturer, then he was promoted to Reader in 2011.
Ross's major research interests are concerned with the evolution and pathogenesis of clinically important Staphylococci an area he has been working on for the last 16 years. In particular, his work on the population genetic analysis of natural populations of S. aureus has acted as a framework for genomic and functional studies of the pathogenesis of staphylococcal diseases.  His research is directed towards translation of fundamental scientific discoveries into diagnostic, therapeutic and vaccine-based approaches for controlling human and animal infections caused by staphylococci.
Ross has been honoured with his promotion to professorial level following major successes in winning external funding and the publication of over 50 peer-reviewed publications.  He has played a key role in teaching at the University acting as lecturer for a number of degree courses and supervising 15 PhD students.
Following the award, Professor David Hume, Director of The Roslin Institute, said,
I am delighted that Ross has received this much deserved recognition. He has been a committed teacher and mentor and his research has key significance to addressing the issues of microbiological safety in the clinical and veterinary setting.”
For more information about Ross's research at The Roslin Institute, please click here.
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