Rambukkana lab Cell paper on leprosy ends 2013 at top of F1000Prime rankings list

Paper published in Cell by the Rambukkana lab describing how leprosy bacilli promote spread of infection by re-programming Schwann cells into stem cell-like cells, has ended the year at the top of the F1000Prime rankings from the Faculty of 1000!

Professor Anura Rambukkana (above left), is in the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and a member of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases.  The paper generated significant interest from the scientific community and the general media when it was published back at the start of the year, and has continued to be recognised as an exception contribution to the field, as demonstrated by its rise to the top of the F1000Prime rankings.  

As Anura says, he could not have better greetings - to get into top of the top 10 in January and again in December 2013, with 21 stars from Faculty1000 Recommendations!  Many congratulations!

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