Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members at Edinburgh Napier University win grant to investigate novel drugs to treat Rhinovirus infection

Two members of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in the School of Life, Sports and Social Sciences at Edinburgh Napier University, have won a £200,000 grant from the Chief Scientist's Office to investigate Cathelicidins as novel therapeutic antiviral agents in Rhinovirus infection.

Peter Barlow (left) and Craig Stevens (right) will be collaborating with colleagues at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, to identify new targets for peptide-based treatment against Rhinovirus. 

Human rhinovirus is a key pathogen in the development of viral pneumonia and bronchiolitis in children, and is a major cause of the common cold.  This study will look at the potential for Cationic Host Defence Peptides, important components of the human immune system, to exert antiviral activity against human Rhinoviruses.  The researchers will take a multi-strand approach to the project, which will look at the direct antiviral activity of the peptides against the virus, as well as the ability of the peptides to alter inflammatory responses in lung cells already infected with rhinovirus.  

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