Ian Harper receives Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in Medical Humanities

Dr Ian Harper, a member of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in the School of Social and Political Sciences (Medical Anthropology), has received one of the inaugural Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities.

The five year project,  'Understanding TB Control: technologies, ethics and programmes', will include research in India, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and South Africa.

The Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities are awarded to world-class scholars asking the most important questions at the interface of science, medicine and the humanities.

The Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities cover medical history and humanities, and ethics and society, enabling scholars to pursue individual, bold visions with greater flexibility. The scheme builds on moves by the Wellcome Trust towards more expansive, longer-term research in the medical humanities.

Recipients of the first awards are researching topics that include the social and psychological impact of emerging assisted reproductive technologies; the technologies, ethics and programmes of tuberculosis control; and East Asian medicine in the past millennium.

Sir Mark Walport, Director of the Wellcome Trust, says:

 We received a very high quality of applications for the new Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards in Medical Humanities and are delighted to be able to support such outstanding scholars across a wide range of research topics. The awards will provide flexible support to researchers across a broad range of institutions, allowing them to explore challenging questions in both ethics and medical history in its historical and cultural contexts."

The awards, which range from £700 000 to just over £1.26 million for up to five years, are made to scholars in established academic posts depending on their career history, ambition and vision and the resources required to realise this vision. The Awards are made to researchers at two levels - New Investigators and Senior Investigators - depending on their experience. They complement existing schemes, which support scholars in the medical humanities at all stages of their careers.

For more information please visit the Wellcome Trust website.

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