Francisca Mutapi to give Royal Society of Edinburgh School Talks

Francisca Mutapi, a member of Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in the Institute of Immunology and Infection Research, will be giving talks as part of the Royal Society of Edinburgh’s series of School Talks.

Dr Mutapi’s talks will be on the subject of parasitic worms, their impact on children’s health in Africa and the work Dr Mutapi's group is doing in collaboration with the World Health Organisation and the Ministry of Health in Zimbabwe to combat the infections in children. The talks will be given as part of health and education range of topics being offered by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

L to R:  Francisica Mutapi runs projects in schools in Zimbabwe to inform communities about the risks of parasitic diseases such as Bilharzia, and will also go into Scottish schools to teach children about the parasitic worms that cause these diseases.

Each year the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) delivers a series of talks and lectures ‎in schools across Scotland. These talks are curriculum-linked and available at ‎any point throughout the school year. The speakers are experts in their fields and cover a range of subject areas, from ‎Science to English Literature to Art and History, and the talks are aimed at students from P6 to S6. Many speakers are willing to work with the ‎teachers to tailor their talk to areas most relevant to class curriculums, and to different ‎age-groups and class sizes.‎

These events are free to schools with RSE covering all speakers' costs, ‎including travel and accommodation.

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