EID members in October's BioPOD from the School of Biological Sciences

In this month's broadcast the BioPOD team cover a number of recent highprofile stories from Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members.

BioPOD is the official podcast of the School of Biological Sciences, produced and presented by enthusiastic student volunteers.

BioPOD team members L to R:  James O'Malley, Fiona Lethbridge, Cheryl Gibbons and Eugene Fletcher 

BioPOD chair Cheryl Gibbons says:

We hear from Dr. Alex Rowe (IIIR) about the cellular processes involved in severe malaria and Prof. Mark Blaxter and Dr. John Davey (IEB) about how butterflies avoid being eaten by predators.  And we head to a sub-Antarctic island to find out about doing field work on Albatrosses in 'BioPOD on the road'.  Finally, in 'BioBITE' we learn how our bodies control cholesterol levels from Steven Watterson and how Loeske Kruuk and her team have discovered that climate change could affect Colombian Ground Squirrel populations.


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