Edinburgh Infectious Diseases researchers to take part in the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas

Intrepid researchers Professors Heather Cubie (Global Health Academy) and Sarah Howie (Centre for Inflammation Research) are bolding taking part in the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas during the Edinburgh Fringe 2015.

  • Title:  Cervical Cancer – You’re history! 
  • When:  Monday 10 August 2015
  • Time:  3 pm
  • Location:  The 'Stand in The Square', St Andrew Square, Edinburgh (EH2), Fringe Venue 372.
  • Cost:  £8/ £7 (concession)
  • More infornation:  CODI website
  • Download flier:  Click for pdf

On Monday 10 August Heather and Sarah will be discussing the reasons that many women are still dying form the disease despite the huge strides forward that there have been in detection and prevention. 

Cervical cancer only affects women but is caused by a virus (HPV) very common in both sexes.  HPV causes cervical cancer if not cleared by the immune system. We now have great weapons against cervical cancer but it still kills women every year.  Cervical screening detects the effects of HPV before cancer develops.  Vaccination against HPV before infection occurs is even more powerful at preventing cancer. Screening and vaccination for girls are free through the NHS.  So why do too many women not avail themselves of these fantastic services?  How can we improve the message?

Join Professor Sarah Howie (MRC & The University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research) and  Professor Heather Cubie (Global Health Academy, The University of Edinburgh) to find out more.


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