Edinburgh Infectious Diseases members with clinical research focus

Prof Judith ALLEN Immunology of helminth infection IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB J.Allen@ed.ac.uk
Dr Lesley ALLISON Scottish E. coli O157/VTEC Reference lab Chancellor's Building, LF lesley.allison@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Prof Stephen ANDERTON Autoimmunity & immune regulation CIR, QMRI, LF Steve.Anderton@ed.ac.uk
Prof David ARNOT Malaria, epidemiology & immune responses IIIR, Darwin Building, KB D.E.Arnot@ed.ac.uk
Dr. Anne ASTIER Immunology of multiple sclerosis CIR QMRI, LF a.astier@ed.ac.uk
Dr Till BACHMANN Pathogen detection technologies Pathway Medicine, LF till.bachmann@ed.ac.uk
Dr Cecile BENEZECH Immune cells and the control of metabolism in adipose tissue CVS, LF cbenezec@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Prof Clare BLACKBURN Developmental immunology and Leishmania SCRM, LF C.Blackburn@ed.ac.uk
Dr Garry BLAKELY Anaerobic bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract ISMB, Darwin Building, KB Garry.Blakely@ed.ac.uk
Dr Amy BUCK Small RNAs in viral infection & host response IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB A.Buck@ed.ac.uk
Dr Christine CAMPBELL Primary care in cancer, inc. HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening CPHS, TP christine.campbell@ed.ac.uk
Prof Harry CAMPBELL Genetic epidemiology and child health CPHS, TP Harry.Campbell@ed.ac.uk
Dr David CAVANAGH Malaria immunobiology and vaccines IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB david.cavanagh@ed.ac.uk
Prof Heather CUBIE Papillomavirology & molecular diagnostics CRH, LF heather.cubie@ed.ac.uk
Dr Kate Cuscheiri Director Scottish HPV reference lab RIE, LF kate.cuschieri@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Dr Donald DAVIDSON Host defence peptides in infection/inflammation CIR, QMRI, LF Donald.Davidson@ed.ac.uk
Dr Kev DHALIWAL Tuberculosis and pulmonary infection CIR, QMRI, LF kdhaliwa@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Prof Paul DIGARD Influenza virus replication and pathogenesis The Roslin Institute paul.digard@roslin.ed.ac.uk
Prof Julia DORIN Innate immunity and role of host defence peptides Inst. Genetics and Mol. Medicine julia.dorin@igmm.ed.ac.uk
Prof Ian DRANSFIELD Regulation of leukocyte function CIR, QMRI, LF i.dransfield@ed.ac.uk
Dr Imali FERNANDO Sexually transmitted infections and HIV in pregnancy Chalmers Sexual Health Centre imali.fernando@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Prof Ross FITZGERALD Evolution & pathogenesis of Staphylococci The Roslin Institute Ross.Fitzgerald@ed.ac.uk
Prof Peter GHAZAL Viral and immune genomics Pathway Medicine, LF P.Ghazal@ed.ac.uk
Dr A P (Paddy) GIBB Management of healthcare-associated infection Medical Microbiology; DPM, LF a.p.gibb@ed.ac.uk
Prof David GRAY Fundamental immunology IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB D.Gray@ed.ac.uk
Dr Mohini GRAY Resolution of inflammation CIR, LF mohini.gray@ed.ac.uk
Dr Nicola GRAY Tranaslational control by viruses CRH, LF Nicola.Gray@ed.ac.uk
Dr Sam GRIFFITHS Virus-host interactions that control innate immunity Division of Pathway Medicine samantha.griffiths@ed.ac.uk
Prof Jürgen HAAS Herpesviruses, systems virology Pathway Medicine, LF juergen.Haas@ed.ac.uk
Dr Ian HARPER Global health policy Social Anth. iharper@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Dr Adam HILL Respiratory infections in humans, esp. bronchiectasis Dept. Respiratory Medicine, LF adam.hill318@nhs.net
Dr Andrew HORNE Chlamydial infection in the aetiology of ectopic pregnancy CRH, LF andrew.horne@ed.ac.uk
Prof Sarah HOWIE Immune responses to genital HPV infection CIR, LF semh@staffmail.ed.ac.uk
Dr Donald INVERARITY Invasive pneumococcal diseases RIE, LF Donald.Inverarity@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Prof James IRONSIDE Pathology of prion diseases NCJDRSU, WGH James.Ironside@ed.ac.uk
Dr Steve JENKINS Inflammation and macrophage diversity CIR, LF stephen.jenkins@ed.ac.uk
Dr Ingo JOHANNESSEN  Epstein-Barr virus & B-cells Pathway Medicine, LF I.Johannessen@ed.ac.uk
Dr Oliver Koch Clinical management of infection; tropical & travel medicine Western General Hospital oliver.koch@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Dr Ian LAURENSON Mycobacterial infections & solid organ transplant patients with infection SMRL, LF Ian.Laurenson@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Prof Clifford LEEN Clinical presentation and therapy of HIV and HCV ID, WGH clifford.leen@ed.ac.uk
Prof Andrew LEIGH-BROWN Molecular evolution of HIV IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB A.Leigh-Brown@ed.ac.uk
Prof Rick MAIZELS Immunity and modulation in helminth infections IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB Rick.Maizels@ed.ac.uk
Prof Keith MATTHEWS Trypanosome biology & development IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB Keith.Matthews@ed.ac.uk
Dr Henry MCSORLEY Immune system supression by parasitic worms Centre for Inflammation Research henry.mcsorley@ed.ac.uk
Prof Paul MICHELS Metabolism of trypanosomatid parasites and drug discovery ISMB, KB paul.michels@ed.ac.uk
Dr Francisca MUTAPI Immune responses in schistosomiasis IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB F.Mutapi@ed.ac.uk
Dr Harish NAIR Childhood pneumonia and viral respiratory infections CPHS, TP harish.nair@ed.ac.uk
Dr Amy PEDERSEN Ecology of multiple infection in wild animals IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB Amy.Pedersen@ed.ac.uk
Dr Juraj PETRIK Transfusion transmitted infection SNBTS, EGR juraj.petrik@nhs.net
Dr Kim PICOZZI Molecular diagnosis of trypanosomiasis Pathway Medicine, LF Kim.Picozzi@ed.ac.uk
Dr Sandeep RAMALINGAM Clinical viral hepatitis and diagnosis of viral infections Clinical Sciences and Community Health, RIE sandeep.ramalingam@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Prof Anura RAMBUKKANA Bacterial-induced host cell reprogramming CNR, SCRM, LF a.rambuka@ed.ac.uk
Prof Adriano ROSSI In vitro and in vivo inflammation resolution mechanisms CIR, QMRI a.g.rossi@ed.ac.uk
Prof Alex ROWE Genetics & pathogenesis of malaria IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB Alex.Rowe@ed.ac.uk
Dr Achim SCHNAUFER Molecular biology of trypanosomes IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB achim.schnaufer@ed.ac.uk
Prof Jürgen SCHWARZE Immunology of respiratory viral infections CIR, QMRI, LF Jurgen.Schwarze@ed.ac.uk
Dr Tammie SCHNEIDERS Meechanisms of antimicrobial resistance DPM, LF Thamarai.Schneiders@ed.ac.uk
Prof Paul SHARP Evolution of viruses, bacteria and Plasmodium IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB paul.sharp@ed.ac.uk
Prof Peter SIMMONDS HIV & RNA virus evolutionary biology IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB Peter.Simmonds@ed.ac.uk
Dr Philip SPENCE Plasmodium virulence and immunity to malaria IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB philip.spence@ed.ac.uk
Dr Rebecca SUTHERLAND Clinical management of infection and antimicrobial stewardship Western General Hospital rebecca.sutherland@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Dr Kate TEMPLETON Respiratory pathogens and their diagnosis RIE, LF Kate.Templeton@luht.scot.nhs.uk
Dr Joanne THOMPSON Malaria molecular biology IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB Joanne.Thompson@ed.ac.uk
Prof José VAZQUEZ-BOLAND Bacterial intracellular pathogens Roslin Institute v.boland@ed.ac.uk
Prof Malcolm WALKINSHAW Structural biology & drug design ISMB, Swann Building, KB Malcolm.Walkinshaw@ed.ac.uk
Prof Sue WELBURN Molecular epidemiology of trypanosomiasis Pathway Medicine, LF Sue.Welburn@ed.ac.uk
Dr David WILKS HIV and community acquired infection ID, WGH David.Wilks@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk
Prof Moira WHYTE Innate immune cell apoptosis in chronic inflammatory lung disease CIR, LF moira.whyte@ed.ac.uk
Prof Bob WILL Creutzfeld-Jakob and other prion diseases NCJDSU, WGH R.G.Will@ed.ac.uk
Dr Alistair WILLIAMS HPV-related lower genital tract cancers CRH, LF a.williams@ed.ac.uk
Prof Mark WOOLHOUSE Veterinary & human epidemiology IEB, Ashworth Labs, KB Mark.Woolhouse@ed.ac.uk
Dr Dietmar ZAISS Role of EGF in regulation of the immune system IIIR, Ashworth Labs, KB dietmar.zaiss@ed.ac.uk

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