Life Through a Lens

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases involved in science communication project

The "Life Through a Lens" project is organised by the School of Biological Sciences and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh.  Its main aim is to awaken the curiosity of children and adults alike into the history of cell biology and microscopy.

By letting the public look themselves into the hidden microscopic world, "Life Through a Lens" introduces the public to some of the scientists in history that made key discoveries in our understanding of the basic tenets of cellular life.  The project carries forward the ideas of careful observation and theory testing into current resarch and demonstrates how modern day scientists still use similar approaches to address toady's questions.

Visitors to the Edinburgh Infectious Diseases exhibit at "Life Through a Lens".

The project has been taken to schools and science festivals, and this past few weekends has been running at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, where scientists from Edinburgh Infectious Diseases also participated. Members of Institute for Immunology and Infection Research took samples of the parasitic helminthic worm H. polygyrus, and explained how they are studying how secretions made by worms can be used to treat allergies and asthma.

LH panel:  Female H. polygyrus worm under bright field illumination; central panel:  immunofluorescence of worm cell surface; RH panel:  electron micrograph of intertwined male and female worms.

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