What can synthetic biology do for you? - Lunch and Learn with SynthSys

  • Event:  What can Synthetic Biology do for You? - Lunch and Learn session with SynthSys, University of Edinburgh
  • When:  Tuesday 20 September (new date)
  • Time: 12.30 - 1.30 pm
  • Location:  G.13 Roger Land Building, Kings Buildings, Alexander Crum Brown Road, EH9 3JQ
  • Registration:  Please register on Eventbrite at https://synbio-learn-lunch.eventbrite.co.uk
  • Contact:  Hilary Snaith (Edinburgh Infectious Diseases; hilary.snaith@ed.ac.uk) or Liz Fletcher (SynthSys; liz.fletcher@ed.ac.uk) for more details

The University of Edinburgh is home to the Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology (more information at http://www.synthsys.ed.ac.uk), which has wide ranging expertise in synthetic biology and is home to the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, a national facility for genome assembly.

We are keen to explore how synthetic biology might accelerate research in infection and immunity.

  • Would the ability to engineer novel genetic systems into cells provide you with a unique perspective?  
  • Would your research benefit from being able to access large (>10 Kbp) DNA constructs?
  • What would you build and why?

We are looking to build collaborations across infection and immunity and keen to better understand what your challenges are.  Some examples of what you can do with synthetic biology:

  • Novel readouts of cellular pathway activity
  • Cell-free biosensors
  • Counting and memory devices
  • Cell ‘kill’ switches
  • Microbiome engineering
  • Human artificial chromosomes
  • Mini-chromosomes
  • T-cell engineering

Come along to this learning session and find out what synthetic biology can do for you!

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