Using electronic notebooks - How, Why, Who, Where and What?

What are the alternatives to traditional lab notebooks?  Should we use them?  Who is using them? Who has  stopped using them? How easy are they to use? Are they too expensive? How is the data managed to be compliant? Who will support them? This session is for any staff or postgraduate students who complete or read a laboratory notebook, computing support staff and data management personal with questions about lab notebooks and the alternatives.

The afternoon will include real life experiences, both good and bad, of using electronic devices that supplement/complement/replace traditional hard  backed lab notebooks as well as a talk from keynote speaker Rory MacNeil  (ResearchSpace) about the History of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs).


  • 1400:  Introduction and programme over view
  • 1410:  Ross Galloway (School of Physics & Astronomy) – LiveScribe
  • 1425:  Andy Finch Lab (Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine) – EverNote 
  • 1440:  Dominik Ruckerl (Judi Allen Lab) – eCat
  • 1455:  Nick Gilbert (Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine) – Using Accelrys ELN
  • 1510:   Nigel Binns (Division of Pathway Medicine, a member of Prof. Peter Ghazal's) – “Managing An eCat Backend Infrastucture”

  • 1525:   Tea/Coffee
  • 1550:   Mike Shipston (Director of the Centre for Integrative Physiology) – The PI view 
  • 1600:   Rory MacNeil (ResearchSpace) – History of Electronic Lab Notebooks;  Richards Adams – A Brief Overview of RSpace Architecture
  • 1640:   Tony Weir, Dave Berry IS (10 minutes) – Infrastructure Implications & RDM Compliance
  • 1650:   Open Discussion – Follow up Points
  • 1700:   Close

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