University of Edinburgh School of Biological Sciences Research Symposium


  • Konrad Lohse (IEB) - Reconstructing the assembly of an ecological community from genome sequences
  • Val Wilson (ISCR) - Pre-constructing the vertebrate head-to-tail axis
  • Justin Goodrich (IMPS) - Evolution of programmed cell death and cuticle formation in early land plants
  • Susan Johnston (IEB) - The evolution of recombination rates in wild and domesticated populations
  • Elise Cachat (IQB3) - Engineering self-organisation in mammalian cells.
  • Alex Twyford (IEB) - Genomic diversity of British native parasitic plants
  • Patrick Heun (ICB) - Dissecting centromere inheritance
  • Atlanta Cook (IQB3) - Tsr1, a molecular gatekeeper in eukaryotic ribosome biogenesis
  • Sveta Makovets (ICB) - When there is not enough telomerase: telomerase insufficiency and genome integrity
  • Phil Spence (IIIR) - Innate immunity to severe malaria
  • Karen Halliday (IMPS) - Plant and Human Resource Management
  • Lynne Regan (visiting from Yale School of medicine) - Title to be confirmed

Lightning Talks by:

  • Hannes Becher (PhD student, IEB)
  • Isuru Kariyawasam (PhD student, IMPS)
  • Rucha Tillu (PhD student, IIIR)
  • Johanna Krahmer (Postdoc, IMPS)
  • Christian Belton (PhD student, ICB)
  • Klaus Herburger (Postdoc, IMPS)
  • Amy Munro-Faure (PhD student, IEB)
  • Cathal Cummins (Postdoc, IMPS)


  • A free bus will leave from outside the Swann building at 8:45am and return at approx. 5.30 pm (seats are limited so please only reserve if you are certain you will be using it).
  • The no. 67 Lothian Region bus stops opposite Ashworth Laboratories at  08:08, 08:18 and 09:20. It returns from Easter Bush at 16:09, 17:09, 18:09.
  • There are also car parking spaces available at Roslin.
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