Society for Medicines Research: Therapeutic Opportunities in Infectious Diseases

  • When:  14 March 2013
  • Location:  National Heart and Lung Institute, Kensington, London

Microbial resistance to chemotherapeutic agents is not a new development: the first lactam hydrolysing enzyme was identified before penicillins were even introduced to the clinic. Extended spectrum resistance to the major classes of chemotherapeutic agents is now common across many microorganisms, particularly pathogenic bacteria, due in part to over- and mis-use of antibiotics over the last 50 years. Global travel and greater social interaction has facilitated rapid transmission of infectious diseases, such as malaria, TB, HIV and HCV, resulting in an international agenda for addressing the lack of prevention and treatment options for these diseases.

The SMR conference ‘Therapeutic Opportunities in Infectious Diseases’ will provide an overview of the current unmet clinical need for new anti-infective agents and will present international speakers from academia and industry with examples of novel approaches and agents including small molecule approaches to the treatment of TB, HCV and HIV and vaccines in clinical trials for the prevention of malaria and meningococcal infection.

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