Society of Biology Annual Symposium and AGM - Fighting Infection

  • When:  Saturday 17 November 2012
  • Time:  10 am  - 2 pm
  • Location:  Royal Society of Edinburgh, George Street

10.00 am  Coffee
10.30 am  Welcome and Introductory Remarks
10.40 am  ‘The Ocean Pharmacy:  New Pharmaceutical Leads from Marine Micro-organisms’
  • Professor Andrew Mearns Spragg FSB, Chief Technology Officer, Aquapharm Biodiscovery Ltd
Aquapharm is a leading marine biotechnology company pioneering the discovery and development of novel bio-chemicals from the biological diversity of marine microbes. This presentation will outline how this chemistry is being developed as a potential new source of pharmaceutical drugs such as novel antibiotics & anti-inflammatory compounds, as well as natural cosmetic ingredients and nutraceuticals.
11.10 am  ‘Healthcare Associated Infection – the human side in the 21st century’
  • Professor Robert Masterton, Executive Medical Director, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, and Director of the Institute of Healthcare Associated Infection, University of the West of Scotland
The burden of infection remains an immense pressure on the survival of the public and their quality of life. Over the recent centuries an ever increasing awareness has evolved that much of this is caused by the healthcare sector and, furthermore, that the majority of that is avoidable. Despite this healthcare associated infection (HAI) remains an unsolved challenge. This presentation will review the human factors acting as drivers and constraints in the goal to control HAIs. It will consider the successes and failures and will propose what the future will look like.
11.40 am  ‘Science and Policy – Tuberculosis meets Beatrix Potter’
  • Professor Quintin McKellar FSB, Vice-Chancellor, University of Hertfordshire
The incidence of Bovine Tuberculosis in the UK had fallen to low levels in the 1980’s such that some 500 – 700 cattle were detected with disease. However by 2009, 25000 cattle had the disease with a cost to the tax payer of at least £63m per year. This presentation will outline the factors which conspire to make the disease difficult to control and eradicate, and the public policy difficult to determine.
12.10 pm  Discussion and Question Time
12.30 pm  End of the Public Meeting
12.40-1.20 pm  Society of Biology Scotland Branch AGM - Members of the Society of Biology, based in Scotland, are invited to attend.
Bookings should be made by email to
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