Scottish Wellcome Trust-funded Centres for Infection Research Joint Symposium

  • When:  Friday 20 September 2013
  • Location:  Sir Charles Wilson Building, University of Glasgow, 1 University Avenue, G12 8LX
  • Registration:  Please let kasia Kokowska know if you wish to attend (

The Scottish Wellcome Trust-funded Centres for Infection Research Joint Symposium will run this year in Glasgow.  This will involve a gathering of scientists from the Centre for Immunity, Infection and Evolution Edinburgh, Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology, Glasgow, the Dundee Drug Discovery Unit and the Aberdeen Medical Mycology and Fungal immunology consortium.


"Wellcome Trust IDRIS" (Infectious Disease Research Initiative Scotland).

10:00 - 10.30

Registration and coffee


Research presentations: Chairs: Neil Gow & Keith Matthews

10.30 – 10.50

 Andy Platt, Glasgow:

10.50 – 11.10

 Dr Phil Spence, Edinburgh: Vector transmission of Plasmodium

11.10 – 11.30

 Neil Gow, Aberdeen:  Immunologically active molecules of the fungal cell wall.

11.30 – 11.50

 Dr Pedro Vale, Edinburgh: immune tolerance.

11.50 – 12.10

 Lars Erwig:  Dynamic imaging of phagocyte-fungus interactions

12.10 – 12.30

 Karen McCluskey, Glasgow: Structural insights into why metacaspases are not caspases

12.30 – 14.30

Lunch & Poster Session (poster judging?)


Research presentations: Chairs: Alan Fairlamb & Andy Waters

14.30 - 14.50

 Robert Ryan, Dundee: "Exploiting bacterial interspecies signalling for control of infection

14.50 - 15.10

 Dr Roman Popat, Edinburgh: The role of multiple signals in bacterial quorum sensing

15.10 - 15.30

 Alistair Brown, Aberdeen:  Molecular multitasking by a fungal pathogen as it adapts to host niches

15.30 – 16.00

Coffee and posters

16.00 – 16.20

 Manu De Rycker, Dundee: Phenotypic screening and biological assays for trypanosomatid diseases

16.20 – 16.40

 Meghan Perry, Dundee: Arsenic, Antimony and Visceral Leishmaniasis in India - an hypothesis

16.40 – 17.00

 Manuela Breinich, Glasgow: Role of Clathrin and Dynamins in Toxoplasma gondii


Poster prize(s) followed by drinks



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